Aero Cambodia

Standard Flight Plans

$90 USD - PHNOM KROM TEMPLE - Know that flying feeling and view Phnom Krom hilltop temple, up to approx 15 minutes

$120 USD - ROLUOS GROUP - allow up to 20 minutes

$120 USD - FLOATING VILLAGE "Phnom Krom" - allow up to 20 minutes

$150 USD - PHNOM KROM / ROLUOS GROUP - all up to 25 minutes

$240 USD - MAIN TEMPLE ROUTE - Banteay Samre, East Mebon, Pre Rup, Sra Srang, Angkor Wat. Allow up to 40 minutes

$360 USD - SEE THE LOT - allow up to 1 hour

Contact for special price advanced bookings

Customised Flights

We can make other flights on request, subject to safety conditions, controlled airspace requirements and approval. Email your requirements and we will get back to you

VAT is applicable and Air Traffic Service additional charges of $75 per flight may apply